Almost Christmas..

clock is ticking ,your late!
This year i can honestly say has been one endless headache,and that's not just the after effects of catching suspected Covid 19 back in march.its been one hit after another and 3 weeks before Christmas i get a letter that hit me to the floor. i wont go into details only to say it broke my heart and that of my family and has taught me a few valuable lessons one of those is that some people just cant be nice no mater how hard you try to see the good in them . the most valuable is it is better to be true to yourself honesty, integrity and truth begins with you ,you cant expect others to see it in you though when they cant BE it themselves .
.Another family member is finding it tough to deal with people in a business situation ,starting up ,trying to please customers so they will recommend you leaves you with a bleeding tongue it can be very hard! learning with a minority of customers you will never make them happy because they never are EVER happy unless they get to pat themselves on the back for 'ripping you off ' . I used to work in a shop so i did remember how people can be but with online shopping people do tend to hide behind keyboards and make small business owners lives hell,i"i want that changed my mind ","do you still have this " "will you take this much for it? will you do a swap" as many will have found some people take pleasure in wasting others time and money not to mention the ones that make you question everything you do ..the trolls ! . Recent events and this past year if it has taught me anything it is that they are not worth loosing your temper or mind over and that i need to stop worrying so much what others think,i have it seems gone too far away from drawing /painting what makes ME happy to do and instead i have been doing what i thought people WANTED! in desperation for making a living from this .. except as it turned out they didn't.. ohh they will tell you "paint his,why don't you draw these" then when you do ...*tumble weed* .so this next year coming if we can survive (hay well it is still 2020) i will dust myself down ,put the past behind me and give it one more push ... as midnight approaches ,i have one last important commission to finish which i am running late on ,then as i take a break i will experiment and find my happy be continued.