well that went wrong quickly..

lockdown sylvies hare
Well that really did go very wrong..can someone press the reset button on 2020 i really thought this year was going to be fun!...and At the beginning of this year i had plans ..i planned to create more, i planned to look into places to sell/hang my work ,i planned to face my fears and go to fairs ..well as we all know 2020 is not the time for anything other than staying home and keeping safe ...well some of us know.
The first weekend in march i fell i'll , for the first few weeks we thought it was just a sinus infection ,i had been told it wasnt likely to be covid-19 as i didnt have a cough wasnt till now in june i know that was more than likely very wrong i may not have had a cough or struggled to breath ..i did have a crazy continual fever,painful throat ,severe headache,and strange confusion , pain in kidneys,nausea and an array of other symptoms including lack of smell and taste yes every symptom BUT . same thing happened to a lot of people as there was at the time no test and little information.
So that put pay to me working on anything, i had to work up to standing at the easel it took time till i could focus on anything .meanwhile the sun came out and didnt go beneath the usual spring showers ,summer came instead.and in march we locked down so we had sun ,hot weather and no work ....we all know how many failed to stay home and chill out . but we did! and we have a family who are on the isolation list so it was just hubby me and son and the fur babies my son has issues with his lungs so we kept to ourselves (especially as after that bug i thought well i wouldn't survive Covid after that) it actually meant i had time to rest and recover (although i have still a couple of issues) i began to work on things at home to keep busy ,we built a pond in the garden ,hubby and son build two motorbikes and a car now they had the time to get them done a few other jobs got done around the house ,but obviously a lot couldnt because of buying restrictions ,and i made S.H (sylvies hare) my logo into a small doll with some clay,wire and scraps of material .
i painted a tiny canvas ,a fun little project that was a Christmas gift ,it is a row of houses facing the natural world ,trees,bushes ect coming towards them ,a link to the lockdown and reports of wildlife retaking the streets while people stayed inside,and the people now with little distractions suddenly noticing what is outside their windows.
I lastly continued to finish a canvas i started before the virus came i called it 'wash' all the water used over the last few months to wash our hands ,washing keeping clean being so very important,but water s also calming when we look out into the natural world ,it can rage it can storm,it can calm it can cleanse. the picture is part of a photo i took years ago when we were on holiday at land's end cornwall ,i recently got the photos re printed and decided to do a cut version in acrylic .it at least kept me busy ,sadly half way i ran out of paint ,what a utter nightmare it was trying to find replacements ,it seemed every shop was out of stock i thought i was never going to get any till the whole lockdown was over.eventually i found a shop selling individual tubes so 3 weeks later i finally got to carry on. just as the lockdown for us ended with hubby back to work and then son ,im still here though i still haven't left the house i still wait till its all really over so i can go visit my family and go shopping with my husband ..until then i have my paints.

for family that read this i hope all is well,i hope to see you all soon,and fyi our phone isnt working. feel free to message me here or on e-mail .