commissions price

First of all the requirements .. due to people thinking its ok to order then cancel half way through and the sad issue of those that dont pay at all , i request a deposit the amount depends on the price but usually BETWEEN 40 - 50% .Full payment is due once you receive a message from myself with a snapshot of the finished piece . i will update you throughout the process at the start you will see the preliminary sketch to make sure you are happy with the composition or in the case of pet portraits that the basic sketch is capturing the pet you know and love.

pet portraits .these are highly detailed pieces that can take up to a month so please give plenty of time .one pet on A4-9x12 paper unframed £80 framed £100 and takes on advantage 3 weeks to complete backgrounds cost £20 extra
more than one pet without background will be approx £120 -framed £140

i also do landscape i.e a customer contacts me with a photo they have taken of a landscape/townscape i will reproduce in pencil (see galleries section ) and illustrations i.e characters again see the galleries section for my past commissions ,please get in touch for these as it depends on the photo /idea .

please remember i can discuss via e-mail,social media sites or via the contact me page on here ,i dont mind questions there is no hard sell here i only book people in once they are 100% happy to go ahead i will not be offended if you do not wish to .

lastly please insure the photos you send are of a good quality i need to be able to see details ,blurry images are unusable . as much as i know how hard it is to get a decent photo of pets please try your best and send preferably more than one.if the pet in question has passed over the rainbow bridge i will do my very best with what photos you have if its a pedigree or a known breed it is helpful for me to know if you have only one pic .