Fresh start

weeeell I decided it was time for a change of design on my website,so i scrolled through what was on offer on the parent site and chose one i liked the look of ..two days later and im still trying to get the home page carousel pictures to work .Photos are either uploading strangely or they wont fit at all ,most are ill fitting .i wish they'd understand some of us need a little more direction or maybe better wording to explain how to make changes were not all trained computer tecs...or am i showing my age?
so at the moment it is staying as it is, till i can either re-take a few photos or figure out how to change the sizing .
I'm i guess distracting myself from the pile of 'to do' lists this time of year tends to grow.Christmas present lists,letters,shopping lists,banking ,booking visits, cards,next years plans, know it has to be done but starting it means your excepting its winter ...maybe one more day then ill start , yes its cold ,but i'm not ready to except the warm weather is over and soon Christmas will be least by then i can look forward to the spring im the one constantly trying to run against the escalator in the hope it will slow down at least .

I'm also distracting myself that one of my medical professionals unintentionally offended me ,so far ive been told i have good amount of white blood cells...for my age !! REALLY MY AGE ?? seems your written off the second you turn 40 these days good grief ! now i've had "heart health is 'REMARKABLY' good "...i totally focused on the wrong part of that sentence..remarkably ??? not only am i younger than him i was up until a few years ago when i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia VERY fit ,i cycled ,walked everyday everywhere , i swam and bodyboarded my way through the summer ,i was active,heathy and slim ..yes i know i should have just been happy that i have a good healthy heart ...but i do hate people jumping to conclusions and using the wrong wording . As the quote from alice in wonderland says"i cant go back to yesterday,because i was a different person then" i do need to remember ,im not the same now i know that my health is wobberly keeping my 'remarkably' heathy heart means i need to find a way to be a mildly fitter person tomorrow. watch out Nikkis going to be attempting yoga clear this area immediately! well we'll see ...maybe some easy stuff first.

So i guess i need to stop procrastinating and get things done even if its painful,or stressful,or depressing noone moves forward while standing still ..but i do hope i can fix the website without any more stress ..who has a magic wand ,come on share and share alike people pass it over ..