This is a subject i HATE having to discuss ,it makes me both upset and angry ,frustrated and makes me constantly second guess myself .that i have to constantly explain the whys and hows ,trying to be ‘fair’ ect is a nightmare . what other job or business do you have to explain yourself like we do ? Before i take about my own prices,i want to talk about how artists work it out generally.
Ok so when people are starting out ,going from learner to driver so to speak ,they’re getting the feel of how to sell ,figuring out if they are good enough yet and as such most start off at a very low cost ...VERY low at times .what happens is at first it will be friends,friends of friends,then strangers that buy /commission after people start to notice them yes they will sell ,they will get a lot of feedback and they will get busy .Over time they will then start to think "hold on im spending more on materials and time than im making back " ohh dear shall i put my prices up ..BAM!! commissions drop off ,sales disappear .its a tough lesson that everyone wants something for nothing and giving people something for nothing gains you nothing .
Most who are doing this full time will eventually ask others what they should charge and so learn selling artwork should be priced as ANY other service should be paid, the general way is to work out your expenses,give your minimum hourly rate and go from there depending on how long a item has taken and the cost of materials plus p&p ..of course popularity/ability does play a role too . After all would you go to work and do it for free ? would you not laugh if someone asked you to do your best, work hard after years of training and expect to cover your own costs,and pay you only just enough to cover half of your expenses ? why would you expect artists and ,crafters to do it then?? because thats the world we live in as i said everyone wants something for nothing
the main thing i hear is 'well i can buy a canvas print online or in a supermarket for £! or so and so over there is cheaper ...yes well there is no list /book we all follow so one person MIGHT be cheaper,or maybe they just havent got the ohh dear yet..or maybe this isnt their full time job ..or they are not as good ..theres lots of reasons.that person over there costs more can be a reply you get to that one . as for the markets if you want a cheaply made canvas with a print on it that thousands and thousands of other people own then fair enough. what artists are doing is crating a bespoke,one off work hand made ..even a print is more expensive for them as they dont have the numbers that supermarkets ect can order or the quality of print (yes that does matter if you want to have it for years without fading ,and maybe have something to pass on mass produced often lacks this ) most also only print a limited number ,if that person gets popular the value then goes up ..worth remembering that as is the bragging value of having a original piece of art on your wall.

So before you huff over the price its worth thinking first and most of all you like the piece? or when thinking of commissioning do you like that persons style ,look at the other pieces they've done ..if your still not happy then well that artist is not for you ,if you still dont get why artists should be paid like anyone else then ART is not for you ..

NOW as for me ...yes this is my only income so i dont sell for a pound or pennies ,i dont do this as a bit of fun ,i like everyone else have bills to pay ,costs to cover ...this website for one lol . I started out like everyone does at a low cost that was unsustainable, (and have over the years been told off A LOT ) but tried to keep things as cheap as possible so more people would buy ...its taken a long time to find a even keel most of my work is priced at the minimum that i can!!! ,i also take into account what i have previously been paid for similar and if the customers regularly over pay i adjust accordingly.i will next year offer a few items at a cheaper cost than the main framed pieces ,these will be small simple watercolours ect only on a max of A4 paper some on smaller A5 and unframed. i wont be doing commissions on these .

The items that are on sale at the moment are mostly framed but the postage is only £2 ..they will take more to wrap and post than £2 but as im a numpty who has forgotten how to change the setting i've instead added the extra cost onto the over all price so you are getting an original one off piece ,with frame and packaging and postage within the price plus £2 only for postage ..
Some of my items are done with coloured pencil,some with pencil some with pastel and some acrylic paint .some are paper,some canvas .some are framed some are not. some are A4 some are 9x12 some are larger so the prices are varied depending on a lot of things ,commissions are the same it also depends on how much of the paper is to be covered i.e a double pet portrait will cost more than a single as more pencil is used up (to give you an idea one pet portrait in coloured pencil i did eat through 4 pencils at £3.95 per pencil ) which is why i dont generally have a price list available . but in a minute i will give a general idea of cost ..because people apparently dont like to ask ..although im nice and will not bite .

i tend to judge the prices on the idea wanted but to give an idea
based on a single subject with no background.
pencil (graphite) starts at around £35 for a4 unframed (cost of the frame depends on the style wanted) goes up to £50 next size up £80 for largest size
more than one subject will be + 1/2
coloured starts at £45 for unframed 9x12 for one subject matter 0 background ,extras as above .