The trust issue.

trust goes both ways is the saying and it is true,as a seller ive had the unfortunate reality of being 'ripped off ' both by people who had taken my work to sell for a percentage and by people who fail to pay for commissions ,some even pull out half way through! so i understand why people are reluctant to trust a total stranger on the internet to buy from esspecially in this day and age .i have tried to make it a process that is both safe for me and the buyer so i will now explain how it works.

If you buy from me one of my works for sale on here (i ONLY sell via this website never on facebook,or any other site),the payment is via paypal NO information is taken or stored on my website at all! .if you look at the bottom of my site you will see the name of the company i 'rent' my webspace a art supply company that offers reasonable priced space for artists the shop isnt like you would get on a big firms site ,if you click on buy you are taken to the shopping cart so you can check the item youve chosen before payment no personal info is taken ,the pay now then takes you directly to paypal ..i only take paypal as that protects both me and the buyer i actually loose money from this ! I DO NOT GET ANY INFORMATION OTHER THAN NAME ,ADDRESS AND ITEM NAME THAT IS ALL. I DON'T KEEP ANY OF THAT INFO ONCE THE ITEM HAS ARRIVED SAFE AND SOUND.
all items are sent recorded delivery and i will discuss more on that next time on the blog concerning prices.
at any time you can contact me via social media,or via the comment section on this site.

contact me via the various ways mentioned , the way i work is i will ask what size, what the image will be ,what type of art i.e pencil,colour,full background or just the object/animal . once i have the info and if in the case of pet portraits the photos in a quality i can work with i will request a small deposit via paypal this will insure i am covered for the products and time needed to start in-case as previously mentioned the buyer pulls out or tries to not pay . it also insures that your commission is booked and will be started on the date stated,paying via paypal also protects you as a buyer see paypals website for more info on this ...this deposit then comes off the total price.depending on the total price the cost is usually 15%
I will show you via message /email the beginnings of the work to make sure you are happy with the outline drawing before 'filling' in the rest ,i will then keep you updated as to the progress. at any point if there is a issue i will contact you asap to let you know of any changes to the finish date . i have and will work non stop to finish before any deadline(ive not missed a deadline but often missed sleep ) .As soon as the piece is finished i will message with a final photo and to request the final payment before sending it via recorded delivery usually on the nearest Friday.

As a buyer myself i know the worry over buying online ,and as a seller the same applies as there are people who will target artists,crafter and small businesses as they don't have the means to take action that the big businesses can. i have tried to introduce a fair system for both of us and you are welcome to ask me anything you have worries over or are unclear about. and if you live locally i'm happy to have a visit or to hand deliver items if needed. .

lastly this applies to all sellers and buyers unfortunately a friend was the victim of this and it caused her a lot of sleepless nights so i thought i'd just mention it lastly as a warning that sometimes false accusations can be spread on social media .please let sellers know if you have received private messages about their business even if it puts you off buying from them ,make them aware as it may be a case of a negative personal situation being used to hurt another rather than that person being untrustworthy ..sadly there are some that will do that as a form of payback /jealousy ..yes there is some fake sites and fake people it is good to warn people if you've experienced a fraud online but not all are true and definitely shouldn't be said via private message to page likers but its the world we live in.

~thanks for reading i hope this has helped clear things up ,tomorrows post will be about that dreaded word prices~
nikki ~