a colourful handful
I've always loved to draw since i was a little kid, i remember my grandad giving us roles of paper and i'd sit in the garden painting on it so happy.When i left primary school my teacher the lovely mrs.lavender gave me a card on the front was a famous painting 'The hay wain ' by John Constable ..i loved it ,couldn't stop looking at it this was as far as i can remember my first introduction to a GREAT artist from the past ,i knew then i just wanted to be a artist,or at least surrounded by art .Years of travelling up to the lake district on family holidays visiting amongst other places Hill Top Farm the home of Mrs.Heelis ~Beatrix potter and the Derwent pencil museum gave me more reason to love ART i'd be taken to manor houses and while everyone else was listening to the history and looking at the architecture i'd stare up at the paintings on the wall wondering who painted them how they'd done it ,when ? .

Time passed with school,and of course i did a g.c.s.e in art but chose to try my hand at 3D sculpting and enjoyed that time working with clay but then then as jobs and parenthood followed other things took over for a while but all ive ever wanted was to draw and ive never stopped finding i could use my love in my work .unfortunately after my son was born i had a string of health problems that eventually meant i couldn't work again and more recently couldn't claim benefits either .during the time i was recovering from one issue i discovered pyrography the art of burning pictures into wood ,and i started to sell online and to a small degree at various events under the name wyldewoodpyro ,sadly after a few years the price of wood and the cost of postage made it impossible to continue just working on wood only just breaking even ,and then having to argue with a few buyers who didn't like the postage cost ,i made the decision to do something else at least for a while.I decided to do a distance learning degree in children's book illustrating ,a bit of my past love of beatrix's world a love of animals and a vivid imagination resulted in a merit and commissions ,i do still love drawing characters for people like the witch squirrel ,the tea monster to name a few,it is the most fun but and although i still do it,there is a but ..the book illustrating business is swamped with artists ,it is a very hard to get seen and even more difficult when you hand draw not on a computer but on paper ,then there is the issue of ..i dont draw people ..ever ,i have tried and i can do cartoony people but realistic ..nope . so i continue to except commissions for illustrations but also pet portraits and have expanded into wildlife art and landscape. in all since the days of starting with wood art ive been learning and drawing ,burning and painting for 20years after a life long love of art and the natural world ,i have my family mum ,dad and grandparents to thank for exposing me to the world of artists,creators and great places as a young infant and i will hold a pencil ..or six for the rest of my life .